Gerovital H3 - Prof. Dr. Ana Aslan

Gerovital H3 - Prof. Dr. Ana Aslan cosmetic products, specially conceived for dry and mature skin, diminish the appearance of fine line and wrinkles, tone the muscles, bring back elasticity and natural color, giving freshness and suppleness do the skin, a more healthy and youthful appearance is set up.

The cosmetics range "Gerovital H3" is produced on the basis of dr. Ana Aslan's original formula and is especially formulated for the prevention and treatment of old age processes, at the level of the skin.

H3 is a unique formula, conceived to preserve the youth of your skin and consecrated for its originality and special positive effects over the cell metabolism and preventing ageing. Its miraculous effects are due to the exceptional active principles it contains: Sodium HyaluronateVitamin E and Cucumber Extract.

- The hyaluronic acid is considered a genuine "water tank", having deep moisturizing properties; it fills the interstices between the collagen, the elastic and the reticular fibers inside the connective tissues, restoring the skin's natural protection and hydration.
In time, the concentration in hyaluronic acid decreases, making skin to lose its tonus and the water content. As the water's role is to regulate the structural balance, losing water creates the conditions for skin aging.
- Vitamin E, known a powerful antioxidant, prevents premature skin aging by fighting the free radicals which can damage the skin. Having also anti-oxidant, Vitamin E plays an important role in maintenance of connective tissue, improving skin's oxygenation, and in stimulating of peripheral blood flow.
- The vegetal and mineral complex incorporated in the formulation of Gerovital H3products is obtained from Cucumber extract, rich in amino acids, and ions of some mineral salts (magnesium, sodium). This natural complex revitalizes and nourishes, making it look smoother and younger.

The structure of Gerovital H3 range:

Make-up removal
Cleansing Milk
Tonic Lotion



Constant Care and Maintenance Products

Contour Eye Cream
Super Moisturizing Lift Cream
Replenishing Night Lift Cream

Contour Eye Cream
Moisturizing Cream
Face Cream - Intensive Nutrition

Peeling Cream
Regenerating Mask

Body Care

Hand Cream
Body Milk

Dermatologically tested products!

Gerovital H3 - prof. Dr. Ana Aslan

More than a cosmetic line, Gerovital H3 - Prof. Dr. Ana Aslan products are a guarantee for beauty.