ASLAVITAL Cosmetics line is based on an original conception of preventing and delaying skin ageing, which revaluates the exceptional potential of the clay. Known from ancient times as a naturist cure, the clay comprises an assembly of benefic properties, which make a miraculous and alive earth of it:
- Strong physical regenerator
- Recharge body cells with vital energy and reinforce them
- Exceptional mineralizing and balance action
- Remarkable anti-toxic and absorbent power
- Antiseptic, healing and calming qualities
- UV natural filter

Anti-age ASLAVITAL concept offers a complete care program for sensitive skin (allergy, seborrhea, acne, irritation and wrinkle). 
The complexity of the proposed treatment is based on the intelligence of the clay completed with natural Rise Oil, Vitamins A, C, E, Ginseng and Calendula Extracts. Through the proposed association, Aslavital line stimulates the defense mechanisms of the skin against the more and more aggressive environment (pollution, stress, UV radiations and others), having a calming and intensive reparatory action.
Natural, extremely penetrating, with a complex mineral composition, the clay from Piatra Craiului Mountains, enriched with the vital force of the plants, gives the guarantee of a unique cosmetic treatment.

Treatment Schedule with ASLAVITAL - Original Formula products

Make-up Removal
Cleansing Milk
Remineralizing Face Lotion

Constant Care and Maintenance Products



Eye Contour Cream
Moisturizing Cream

Eye Contour Cream
Anti-wrinkle Cream

Deep Purifying Mask 2:1
Clay Powder for Cosmetic Treatments

Body Care

Hand and Nail Cream
Stretch Mark Cream

Aslavital MineralActiv

Dermatologically tested products!