Clay Powder for Cosmetic Treatments

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ASLAVITAL Powder Clay for Cosmetic Treatments proceeds from a unique source (Piatra Craiului), having a well-defined chemical and mineral composition. Not chemically treated, with clay fractions, granule diameter smaller than 63 microns, complex of aluminum silicates, contains more than 20 oligo-elements: iron, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, sulphur, cobalt, etc.
The clay, with its qualities, is a natural cosmetic product of great value, which may be used successfully in the treatments for sensitive skins (allergy, seborrhea, acne, open pores, irritable, and wrinkle skin). This clay power is recommended for naturalistic cosmetic treatments and for preparing some instant masks.

To obtain cosmetic masks, the clay powder may be mixed with different fruits, vegetables, yogurt, milk, honey, olives oil, egg yellow, etc, according to the skin type. 
Use only glass, porcelain or wooden vessel and rods, avoid the contact of clay with metals or plastic materials. Apply the clay based Masks on face, neck and décolletage, let they to act 20-30 minutes, then remove with a pad and wash with lukewarm water.

For oily skin - it is recommended the combination of clay with natural juices with astringent effect, (tomato, lemon, cucumber, apricot, orange etc).

For normal and dry skin - it is recommended to combine with ingredients having moisturizing and nourishing action (cucumber, celery, milk, honey, olive oil, yolk etc).
Apply the masks once-twice in a week, the ingredients can be varied from one week to other.

For acne treatment mixes the clay with water (not mineral or spring water), till a consistent paste, easy to apply, will be obtained. The cure shall be done 7 days long, continuing twice a week until healing.

It may successfully replace baby talcum powder, after-shave lotion and may be used as antiperspirant.

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Clay Powder for Cosmetic Treatments

Clay Powder for Cosmetic Treatments

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